08/03/2019 - 00:00

Submitted by mariposa on Mon, 08/05/2019 - 13:55
Red admiral
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Saturday, August 3, 2019 - 00:00
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Duck Community Park, Duck, North Carolina. Location precision: estimated within a 300m radius. Observed by Tom Stock, CarolinaLeps Newsgroup: "Biked into Duck from Southern Shores yesterday (August 3) waving to everyone sitting in traffic. In about an hour and a half walking around Duck Community Park, found a good variety of butterflies though numbers were low. The habitat along the bay shore is seriously degraded (winter storms?) and nectar is scarce. In the list below, I saw the Duke's Skipper on pickerel weed along the boardwalk. The stretch of habitat along the boardwalk where I've seen them in the past is pretty much destroyed. Also gone is the big patch of canna in front of the Cotton Gin. I still found a Brazilian Skipper so enough canna has survived to sustain some. ...Red Admiral (1)..."