The Unified Butterfly Recorder App

July 6, 2015

Unified Butterfly Recorder (UBR) is an Android app that provides butterfly researchers and enthusiasts with a tool to use in the field to efficiently record butterfly sighting data. It was designed by a group of computer engineering students as part of a senior design class at Iowa State University in collaboration with the Entomology staff at Reiman Gardens. The purpose of the app is to allow the user a quick and efficient method to collect data across a variety of survey protocols traditionally used by researchers and citizen scientists in the field. The UBR has many unique and useful features, including automatically recording the time and location of each of your butterfly sightings, tracking your own survey route, and creating a map of your butterfly sightings. For more information, select "Population Surveys" from the primary links on the left side of this page, and then select "Unified Butterfly Recorder."

--Royce Bitzer, July 6, 2015